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What took so long?

I've long wanted to create a blog devoted to by two passions in life: reading and writing. In fact, I've created several iterations of this very blog, Scott's Reading List, none of which launched.

As I was struggling to figure out why I could never get this site together I realized I had made a rookie writer's mistake: I was concentrating on the tools and not the words.

I'm a geek, you see, so I took the opportunity of launching a new blog to learn some new blogging software. I tried a few, and I had some cool ideas about how the site should work but I would get lost in the details. As I fiddled with settings and templates I continued to read books, but not write about them.

That's when it hit me: no one cares what software I use to run the site, so just use something that works and get on with it.

This is me getting on with it.